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Perino's Boiling Pot

The owner of Perino's Boiling Pot, Sam Perino has been in the seafood business nearly 40 years. Perino's Seafood opened its doors in Harvey, LA right across the street from the current Perino's Boiling Pot in 1972. After growing out of the smaller location, Sam had a vision of moving the seafood business into a much larger and updated location in 1992. Sam Perino's Seafood & Deli is located at 6850 Westbank Expwy. Marrero, LA. Sam had a vision of opening a simple seafood restaurant, just boiled seafood and oysters on the ½ shell. In 1994 Perino's Boiling Pot opened its doors in the old seafood location.

Business was booming and the Boiling Pot quickly outgrew its small location. Across the street was a vacant building that had been several unsuccessful restaurants, the deal was good and Sam jumped into it. After 2 months of remodeling, Perino's Boiling Pot opened its doors Superbowl Sunday, January 2000. Sam expanded the menu to include boiled and fried seafood. It stayed simple at first but quickly grew as did the business. Sam's daughter Vicky is the all-around manager of the Boiling Pot handling all aspects of the business. Vicky likes to call her dad Semi-Retired, but Sam says that will never happen: the man's just too involved, and that's why Perino's Boiling Pot is the successful business that it is today.

Our sides are rockin!
We've got more than just crabs, our shrimp, crabs, crawfish, and oysters are all great! At Perino's, our sides of calamari and gumbo will be the best you can find.